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Consignment Sale

The 2017 Fall Consignment Sale will be held the weekend of October 14 – 15.  For information about consigning, volunteering, or shopping at the sale, please click on the Consignment Sale button to the right.  We welcome participants from the preschool, church, and general public.  Come join us for this great event!

Amazon Program

Every time you make a purchase on, FPP can earn a percentage of your total purchase price.  Simply click the Amazon Affiliate button to the right to access Use subscribe and save? Click this link first, and FPP can earn a little each month!

FPP only receives reward credit if you click on the link before adding items to your cart.  The items must also be purchased within 24 hours after following the link.  FPP has no access to your Amazon account and cannot see any of your purchases.

Please invite friends and family to purchase through this link too so FPP can earn even more.  Thanks for your support!

No Frills Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who generously gave to this year’s No Frills Fundraiser!  Together we raised nearly $1,900 for FPP’s Scholarship Fund.