Affordable Housing Team Meeting Minutes

Affordable Housing Team Meeting Minutes

Affordable Housing Implementation Team
Meeting Notes
November 9, 2017

Present: Kristen Richmond, Lisa Dugan, John Williams, Mike Stewart, Andy Blomme, Pam Blomme, Bill Golightly, Malcolm Mercer, Serena Mercer, Jerry Hopkins. In addition to those who were present the following have volunteered to serve on the Team: Linda and Monte Belger, Jim Chesson, Bobbi Hess, Chuck Monnig, Sal Sparacino, Ednamay Trevey. Barbara Henderson has expressed an interest as well.

Call to Order: The meeting opened with prayer.

Introductions: The members present introduced themselves sharing their interest in this affordable housing effort and any special knowledge or skills which each offers the Team.

Description of Task:
Background: All of those present had served on the Affordable Housing Team which had made the recommendation for affordable housing except for Kristen Richmond. Consequently, we decided to answer questions which Kris had.

Task: The Team’s task is to shepherd, monitor, and coordinate this mission effort with Habitat of Northern Virginia, Homestretch, and HomeAid to construct up to 10 affordable housing units for families with less than 80% of area median income (preferably 30 – 50% of area median income) on church property, and if not feasible to work with Homestretch to use the funds raised for affordable housing in the Capital Funds Campaign to payoff mortgages on homes owned by Homestretch so that it may serve more families.

Schedule: The tentative sequence of the schedule for the Team is as outlined in “Next Steps in Implementing FPC Affordable Housing Goal.”

The first technical item on the schedule is the determination of feasibility from a legal, engineering, and architectural perspective.

Habitat has taken the first step by getting a report from Matt Roberts of Bean Kinney & Korman about zoning (attached). Mr. Roberts has represented numerous developers in Fairfax City. He currently, is representing one building 40 units.

Mr. Robert’s conclusion is that the current master plan permits the building of 8 – 10 single-family houses on the property. However, to build these units as townhomes (allowing maximum preservation of current parking) will require a rezoning to one of the townhouse zoning categories permitted in Fairfax City. He recommended that the next step be an engineering study to map out various site designs for 10 units. Once this is completed, talks with City staff might be started.

The next step is for Habitat to engage an engineer to develop several site designs based upon topography, flood plain, and other factors. Jon LeBoon, a member of FPC, contacted Jerry to offer his services to prepare the site designs. Jon has much experience in preparing site plans for development. Jerry will work with Jon and Habitat to get started on this task.
The Team felt that the first task is to develop a plan for communication with congregation members about this mission undertaking.

Team members shared various reports of misunderstandings and apprehensions by some congregation members about this developing mission. The reactions that were reported ranged from fears of loss of parking spaces, the Glebe might be affected in some way, loss of trees, future residents might have parties and leave unwanted debris on the church parking lot on Sunday morning, and lack of control over a part of our property. It was also reported that some church members expressed concern about the the Capital Funds Campaign projects because they didn’t know the priority for use of funds nor the timing. It seems that the primary source of these fears and concerns is generated by a lack of communication and understanding about what is planned, the steps, and safeguards that will be built into this development.

It was agreed that these fears and concerns need to be addressed. Before the next meeting Jerry will share these with our pastors and suggest that a time during each worship service be used to report on what the Session has approved. Jerry will also write up a brief summary of this mission effort to address some of these issues. Our next meeting will focus upon developing a plan for communicating with our members.

Organization of Team: The organization of our Team will be undertaken at future meetings. Jerry suggested that at the January meeting that the Team choose a “Moderator” as our Team leader. Jerry will perform the role as staff to the Team. Committees of the Team will be developed as we go along.

Schedule for Meetings: The Team agreed to meet on the third Wednesday of each month as its regular meeting time. The meetings will convene at 7:30 pm. All are scheduled to be in the Multi-purpose Room except the October meeting.

Multi-purpose Room