Campaign Kickoff from Pastor Yena Hwang

Campaign Kickoff from Pastor Yena Hwang

Peace and grace to you, in the name of our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ!

During Holy Week this year, I was able to travel abroad with my family. Everywhere we went in Germany, there was a beautiful cathedral/church to visit.  We visited the magnificent Dom in the city of Cologne and walked up 100 meters or exactly 533 steps up the narrow spiral stairs to be rewarded with a panoramic view of the city.  We visited the St. Peter Cathedral in Munich and St. Bartholomew Cathedral in Frankfurt, and a few other smaller ones.  Every single one of those churches were impressive and amazing in its own unique way.  My teenaged sons could not hide their irritation as we entered each of these churches, saying, “Mom, I know you’re a pastor, but another church?”

Somehow, visiting all these old churches during the Holy Week felt like a spiritual discipline to me. I felt comforted and inspired by being in these massive and incredible buildings that witnessed and endured various challenges and unspeakable destructions throughout its history. After all these years, through all their hardships, here they are still standing. Some have stood for over a thousand years, some for hundreds of years…withstanding the test of time to witness to the power of faith and the power of the faithful. If not for the liberating message of the Gospel of Jesus, if not for the grace and love found in God who creates out of nothing, if not for the transformative power of the Spirit…what could inspire people to dream up such massive structures in the first place, build it up, and maintain and nourish it to be used to comfort, to challenge, or to inspire people for so many generations?

Many saints have given their talent, time, and treasures, trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for those buildings to be built up and for them to be standing, today. Churches are more than simple buildings. Churches serve as testament of the community’s courage, faith, and strength through the test of time. Churches serve as a reminder to the generation to come, that God’s love was felt, experienced, and shared in that physical location by the generation that has past. Churches serve as witness to the Truth found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am happy to confess that Fairfax Presbyterian Church is such a church for me. We served the generations past and we serve the current generation with the unwavering conviction that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior – and that following in his command, we are called to accept one another, forgive one another, and love one another, for we all bear the image of God as God’s creatures. Fairfax Presbyterian Church is a place where all people are welcomed to experience God and where all people are empowered to express their faith in relevant and transformative ways. We want to be a symbol of all that is good and honorable in our community. In order for us to continue this work, we need your help.

We humbly ask you to participate in building up our church, not only in the physical sense of the word “building” but also in the spiritual sense of the word. Will you participate in continuing the fine legacy of faith planted here in Fairfax, 60 plus years ago? Your financial contribution will help us update our beautiful building, continue our excellent programs, and provide opportunities to provide services to the larger community in need. Your generous contribution will ensure our church to be, not simply another church building, but a faithfully living church that embodies the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you join us in inspiring the next generation and the ‘next’ next generations of people to fall in love with Christ? I hope you will say, YES!

With faith, hope and love,
Yena Hwang

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