Capital Campaign Case Statement

FPC Capital Campaign Case Statement

Our Vision for 2020

Fairfax Presbyterian Church, has prayerfully and boldly embarked on a Strategic Plan – a “2020 VISION” of our church in the year 2020 which is actively engaged in Building for Mission, Expanding Our Strengths, and Deepening our Connections. Critical to achieving that vision is the need to repair, maintain and better equip our building and surrounding property. As a House of Prayer for All Peoples, we need to rebuild and rejuvenate our house, transforming it into a more welcoming, safe, attractive, comfortable environment. Our revitalized house, as a renewed center of hospitality, mission and outreach, will enhance our worship experience, strengthen our bonds of fellowship and enable us to better serve one another and those in need in our community and around the world.

Articulating FPC’s Significance

Fairfax Presbyterian Church plays a vital role in the lives of our congregants, our community, our nation, and our world. Recent efforts to gain deeper insight and understanding of the significance of FPC (through the Church Assessment Tool Scan, listening sessions, and polls in worship) showed clearly that our congregants find resonance and meaning in our worship and music; in fellowship; and in our commitment to serving one another and those in the community around us. What eternal significance do we gain through a vibrant FPC as a House of Prayer for All Peoples? As expressed by a poll of our congregation, we find this significance in our:

  • Worship: Powerful, relevant and resonating, with a wide variety of services – contemplative and family-friendly, including Youth Sundays, Children’s Musical, Interfaith Thanksgiving, and participatory Ash Wednesday, that appeal to people. These hospitable services, enriched by professional-quality music and a non-judgmental, inclusive nature continue to attract people to worship with us.
  • Music: Stirring and inspiring music in a variety of styles, offered by our Sanctuary Choir, bell choirs, children’s choir, and smaller ensembles, accompanied by piano, pipe organ, and instrumentalists; providing opportunities for individual congregants to share their musical gifts. FPC’s world-class musicians and performances draw in new members while they draw us all closer to God.
  • Community/Fellowship/Friendship: Warm reinforcing bonds of lasting fellowship and friendship that congregants experience being part of the FPC community through activities within worship, small groups, shared meals and mission projects.
  • Serving others/mission: Wide range of ‘serving’ opportunities in earthly missions of homeless hypothermia prevention and caring for elderly; advocating for affordable housing solutions in our community; local community service projects (VOICE, Lamb Center, Rebuilding Together); youth mission trips that engage our young people as God’s hands and feet helping others in need; international mission trips to build stronger Christian communities in Honduras and Guatemala.
  • Identity of FPC: FPC traditions, the uniqueness of our sanctuary, the significance of viewing the cross while taking communion at the table, and the diversity of FPC’s congregation.
  • Education: Classes, retreats, book studies enhancing intellectual and spiritual development, in a supportive environment for questioning and deep inquiry.
  • Youth, Children and Preschool: Outstanding opportunities for spiritual and character development for youth, children and families, promoting love of faith and each other in an environment of fun, spiritual strength and Christian formation.
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth: Opportunities for spiritual growth via volunteer work, modeling faith for our children, tangible feeling of love in our worship, sharing our traditions with others, learning and questioning.
  • Community Outreach: Our work in interfaith hospitality and reconciliation, Muslim community fellowship and support, and opening our building (and ourselves) to host recovery groups and hypothermia prevention groups, VOICE, The Lamb Center, Rebuilding Together and others allows us to be intimately involved in the uplift of a world in need of hospitality.
    Our ability to serve, to worship, to educate, to reconcile, to build and to engage are possible because we have been blessed with a building and grounds where we gather, worship, organize, host, plan, welcome, learn and grow.

But – Our house needs some TLC

It has been about 25 years since we last conducted a Capital Campaign to invest in updating, overhauling and revitalizing our facilities. Our original infrastructure was built more than 60 years ago. We need to be good stewards of what the previous generations have given us – we need to take care of our house, both for current and urgent needs and so that we may continue our work for years to come. It’s our turn to ‘pay it forward’ for the benefit of future congregants as well as community members in need. Failing to invest in repair/upgrades inhibits FPC’s ability to deliver on our promise as a house of prayer for all, achieve our mission as Jesus’ hands and feet in the world and sustain what gives us eternal significance.

Specifically, What does our House Need?

FPC needs to update, modernize, repair and replace our infrastructure, including:
• HVAC Resilience and Environmental Efficiency: To serve the needs of our congregation and those who depend upon us, we need to make our heating and cooling solution more dependable, resilient and efficient. Our current system is a mélange of technologies, much of which is 40+ years old and increasingly prone to breakdown. Over the past several years, piecemeal repairs of unpredictable catastrophic failures have forced painful cuts in FPC’s operational budgets and forced worship services to be relocated to Fellowship Hall and even outside. Without proper heating and cooling church work cannot get done and negatively impacts our ability to serve one another or those in need. This campaign raises $750,000 to enable FPC to 1) replace outdated, inefficient air conditioning units, 2) take up a range of energy improvement projects such as double-paned windows, weather-resistant doors, and improved insulation and 3) strengthen our emergency funds to enable us to address future heating/cooling needs without impacting FPC’s operational budget.
• Parking Lot and Entry Improvements: One of the first impressions visitors and regular congregants experience when they drive up Presbyterian Way comes from the parking lot that surrounds our beautiful Glebe and the main entry to our House of Prayer for All Peoples. Time and weather have taken their toll on both the parking lot and the exterior stairways resulting in reduced ‘curb appeal’ as well as accessibility challenges and safety issues. This campaign raises $150,000 to fund a comprehensive repaving/restriping of our parking lot and several needed repairs for the front stairs and rails.

• Kitchen Update and Repair: From all-church celebrations to preparing hot meals for the homeless to hosting our hypothermia prevention and response guests FPC counts on our kitchen to help us achieve our lofty hospitable congregation goals. Many of our appliances are no longer up to health/safety code and several floor and workspace surfaces are in disrepair. A limited-scope capital campaign several years back had aspired to address many of the kitchen shortcomings but the cost of resolving our sanctuary lighting issues forced a redirection of funding. This campaign raises $100,000 to fund replacement of failing appliances, repair of potentially dangerous flooring and an improvement in kitchen workflow.

• Technology Enhancements: As a faith community we are constantly challenged to remain relevant to a rapidly changing world so that our message of hope and hospitality reaches the broadest possible audience. Much of the Internet got its start in our region and it behooves us to make reasonable investments in technology to both enhance the worship experience of long-time congregants and reach out to new faces/voices by using tools that resonate with them. This campaign raises $100,000 to fund improvements to the audio and video systems in our sanctuary and other large rooms and new technologies for our classrooms and common spaces that together will enhance our ability to learn from and connect with one another, our community and the world in which we live.

• Creating Housing Solutions for People in Need: Throughout our 60+ years of ministry FPC has been committed to addressing the affordable housing challenges in Fairfax City. FPC can be counted on to help build houses, rebuild existing housing in disrepair and advocate for those at risk of losing their housing. In an innovative collaboration with three leading affordable housing solutions organizations – Habitat for Humanity, Homestretch, and HomeAid – FPC will create a combination of permanent and transitional housing on our property as an ongoing commitment to serving our community. Under a long-term ground lease from FPC, Habitat for Humanity will build up to 10 housing units on FPC’s site, up to 8 of which will be for ownership by Habitat clients and the remaining 2 to be Homestretch homes to help transition families from homelessness to self-sufficiency. HomeAid will provide skilled professionals to perform expert work Habitat volunteers cannot do. This campaign raises $400K as FPC’s affordable housing investment, which when combined with the expertise and ‘sweat equity’ of our members and our partners, can create $1.5 – 2M worth of affordable housing that will add value to FPC and our local community for decades.

• Debt Reduction: FPC takes very seriously its commitment to practicing good stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by God and our donors. In recent years, the cost of maintaining our aging building and infrastructure have increasingly necessitated ‘borrowing’ funds from restricted and emergency funds to cover unplanned repairs and expenses. This campaign raises $300,00 to replenish all restricted and emergency fund borrowing and pay down FPC’s existing mortgage debt.

And while we are at it, we can enhance even more

The Session and our congregation identified additional priorities that need expanding and deepening. Through this Capital Campaign our donors will enable FPC projects to:

• $100,000 to Expand our Strengths: apply $70K to purchase tympani drums, replace worn-out music, and fund special music events; expand avenues for worship, meditation and spiritual growth and apply $30K to FPC Pre-School upgrades including acquiring new playground equipment and replacing countertops/toilets.
• $100,000 to Deepen our Connections: apply $30K to increase outreach to prospective new members and nurture small groups, apply $15K to pursue innovative ‘connecting’ activities; apply $5K to expand the reach of our health ministry and apply $50K to help nurture the local and international missions/ministries FPC supports.

Financing the Effort: The Capital Campaign

To address these critical needs, FPC leadership has embarked on a Capital Campaign to raise $2,000,000 during 2018 to 2020 to be accomplished in four phases:

1. Planning:
Fall 2016: Capital Campaign Team convenes, under leadership of Elder Dennis Carlton and Pastor Henry Brinton. Team members include Susan Chesson, Hugh Heishman, Jerry Hopkins, Joyce King-Strickler, Matt Kraft, Brad Pontz, and Nora Thapa.

2. Phase I:
Spring 2017: Quiet phase of campaign during which the initial version of the campaign is presented to church leaders and a sample of the congregation for critique/refinement prior to a church-wide rollout.

3. Phase II:
Fall 2017: Public phase of campaign commencing with church-wide kickoff ‘lunch and launch’ on Sunday October 22 and concluding with Dedication Sunday on November 19.

4. Implementation:
2018 – 2020: Capital Campaign gifts received and church improvements begin.

Gifts to the campaign can be made in any number of ways.
• Cash, Check or Charge: Donors are encouraged to take advantage of online giving through the FPC website – including automatic draft from checking or savings account or debit/credit cards – to help ensure regular cashflow and reduce the burden on our collection counting teams. For donors who prefer traditional giving FPC will provide pledge envelopes that can be mailed to FPC or placed in the offering plate. Donors are encouraged to make an initial payment of 10 percent to 20 percent of their total pledge so that projects that require substantial upfront outlay (e.g. HVAC upgrades) can be addressed promptly and cost-effectively.
• Securities: A gift of stocks, bonds and mutual funds can benefit both donor and FPC.
• Real Estate: Gifts of real property held for at least 12 months are entitled to an income tax deduction equal to the full market value with no tax on any capital gain.
• Planned Gifts: Planned giving from a donor’s estate which can have significant tax advantages to the donor to accomplish charitable goals.
• Corporate Matching Gifts: A matching gift program provided through employers or board membership may allow donors to increase the value of gifts. Many companies match charitable gifts of their employees, retirees or board members. Congregants are encouraged to consult their employer’s human resources or community outreach director to see if their employer’s matching gift program can benefit FPC.

FPC in 2020: What do we look like?

Through the generous prayerful, volunteer and financial support of many, Fairfax Presbyterian Church, in successful fulfillment of this Capital Campaign, has enhanced, upgraded, beautified, and modernized its building and grounds, becoming a more vibrant and sustainable House of Prayer for All Peoples.

In our rejuvenated House of Prayer for All Peoples, we are

  • Worshiping and working in a reliably comfortable environment while limiting our impact on the resources God has so graciously entrusted for our use,
  • Welcoming each other and our neighbors to a church that gives a glorious first impression — with a smooth and safe entry way, parking lot, ramps and stairs,
  • Serving and nourishing others from a safe, modern, efficient, code-compliant kitchen,
  • Connecting to each other and to the outside through technology that allows for better sound in worship, and more “wired” to other communities allowing us to communicate openly and fully, with minimal technological constraints,
  • Helping as many as 10 families thrive in quality housing they can afford so that they, too, can become the hands and feet of God,
  • Keeping our financial house in good order as faithful stewards of our donor’s gifts,
  • Expanding our strengths with ever more professional musical and meaningful worship offerings, and
  • Deepening our connections with one another by drawing in new members, offering innovative small group fellowship, and ministering to those in need in our congregation, the local community and the world.

Please join our campaign and make a generous pledge to help achieve FPC’s 2020 Vision!